A Sweeter Music
Other Minds Records, 2013
Available on Bandcamp and Spotify

“Perhaps the most haunting works here are those that combine elegy and outrage, such as Carl Stone’s beautiful and unsettling “Sonamu,” which blends live piano and electronic processing, or “The Long Winter,” Phil Kline‘s fiercely virtuosic evocation of the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. Cahill brings her technical assurance and expressive warmth to all the music, making each piece that much more eloquent. The sequel can’t get here soon enough.” -SFGATE

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“Cahill approaches this eclectic repertoire with emotional and technical equanimity: Her playing is romantic but never florid or showy, precise but never cold or remote. A few tracks are augmented—Stone contributes electronics to his “Sonamu,” Cahill reads text from a 1933 speech, “War Is Just a Racket,” while playing Gann’s music, and the Residents add narration to their anti-war closer “drum no fife.” But Cahill’s pianism—diamond reflections on the surface of a fathomless ocean—embodies the message in its purest form.” -The Absolute Sound

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“as tenacious and committed an advocate as
any composer could dream of”

– San Francisco Chronicle

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