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  • Wed

    Noontime Concert Series - Ornstein, Grainger, Cowell and others


    St. Patrick’s Church, 756 Mission St. (near Yerba Buena Gardens), San Francisco.

    Sarah performs a lunchtime concert with music by Ornstein, Grainger, Cowell, Fujieda, and others as part of the Noontime Concerts series. According to their website, “St. Patrick’s Church, built in 1872 and rebuilt by 1914 after the destruction of the 1906 earthquake, is one of San Francisco’s prized historic buildings. Inside, you’ll find dazzling Tiffany stained glass windows, pillars, an altar of Bottecino Italian and Connemara Irish marble, twelve tuned steeple bells, and an exquisite 30-rank 1930 E. M. Skinner organ with a Gothic pipecase featuring a statue of St. Cecilia, the patron saint of music.”  

  • Tue

    Fundraiser for Mayoral Candidate Zelda Bronstein


    Hillside Club, 2286 Cedar St., Berkeley.,

    Sarah performs fifteen minutes of new work by Mamoru Fujieda, Kyle Gann, Elizabeth Lauer, and others in a fundraiser for Zelda Bronstein, running for mayor of Berkeley. 

  • Thu

    The Boston Research Institute - On Reading Emerson

    Boston Research Center for the 21st Century, 396 Harvard St., Cambridge, Mass.

    Sarah joins a group of scholars, educators, and artists for a conference entitled Emerson and the Power of the Imagination, presented by the Boston Research Institute for the 21st Century, an international peace institute that envisions a worldwide network of global citizens developing cultures of peace through dialogue and understanding.  On the second day of the conference, Sarah premieres a piece composed for the occasion by Kyle Gann.  Here is the program note:

    On Reading Emerson (2006)

    Pianist Sarah Cahill asked me to write a piece about one of our mutually favorite authors, Emerson. I resisted the impulse to title the piece “Whim,” though like Emerson, “I hope it is somewhat better than whim at last, but we cannot spend the day in explanation.” Of course my conception of Emerson is filtered through Charles Ives, who wrote of him, “As thoughts surge to his mind, he fills the heavens with them, crowds them in, if necessary, but seldom arranges them, along the ground first.” To create that effect in music, I did the reverse: wrote a bunch of passages of music around a single (or double) idea, and arranged them along the ground before fitting them together. Because I think of Emerson as ever aware of the interpenetration of opposites, almost every chord in the piece contains a tone from the opposite chord, and because he is all encompassing, I have used, for the first time in my life, a 12-tone row (It only appears twice, and elsewhere in fragments, and is never transposed, retrograded, or anything). Like Emerson’s writing, the piece is peppered with quotations, three of which the listener may recognize. The fourth will not be recognized; it is from a song that I began writing in college on Emerson’s “The Rhodora” and never finished, because the only good phrase in the song was to these lines of Emerson:

        Why thou wert there, O, rival of the rose!

        I never thought to ask, I never knew….

    I thank Sarah for giving that phrase a home at last.


  • Sun

    Performance of Grainger and Cowell at PT. Reyes Dance Palace


    Point Reyes Dance Palace, 5th and B Streets, Point Reyes Station.

    Sarah performs works by Grainger, Cowell, and others at a beautiful community center located in one of the most idyllic places on earth.  

  • Fri

    Berkeley Arts Festival - premieres of Rzewski, Polansky, Morricone


    Jazzschool, 2087 Addison St., Berkeley.

    Sarah plays a recital of new work as part of the Berkeley Arts Festival:

    Snippets 2 (2006)- Frederic Rzewski (premiere)
    Almost a Quintet (2006)- Larry Polansky (premiere)
    On Reading Emerson (2006)- Kyle Gann
    Tango (2006)- Andrea Morricone (premiere)
    Improvviso (2006)- Andrea Morricone (premiere)
    “Le Crepescule” Rag (2006)- Elizabeth Lauer
    Pleasant Dreaming (2006)- Phil Collins

    The pieces by Rzewski, Polansky, and Gann, as well as Morricone’s Improvviso, were written for Sarah.


  • Sat

    Pacific Crossings Festival in Tokyo

    Concerts take place at the American Embassy, at the Jiyugakuen Myonichikan (designed by Frank Lloyd Wright), and at the Kanazawa Art Center.

    Pacific Crossings Festival in Tokyo.  This year the festival celebrates the eccentric and brilliant Australian composer Percy Grainger.  Sarah performs some of the scintillating and often radical solo works as well as virtuosic four-hand and two-piano pieces with Joseph Kubera.  

  • Sun

    Conversation with Thomas Ades


    Salon at the Hotel Rex, 562 Sutter St. (between Powell and Mason), San Francisco.

    Sarah talks with British composer-pianist Thomas Ades, in conjunction with a rare Bay Area recital he performs the night before (at Herbst Theatre), featuring works by Janacek, Ades, Castiglioni, Stravinsky, and Nancarrow.  

“as tenacious and committed an advocate as
any composer could dream of”

– San Francisco Chronicle