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Classics Today gives “Patterns of Plants” Top Marks

Classics Today has given “MAMORU FUJIEDA PATTERNS OF PLANTS” a perfect 10 out of 10 for artistic quality and sound quality. From the Review: “Fujieda’s Plant Patterns are tonal (or modal), but their outward, post-minimalist simplicity conceals real sophistication of technique. The pieces are built out of a few basic ideas: repetition of the initial pattern…

Cahill has been championing this music for some time now, and she plays it with unaffected subtlety and sensitivity.


It is trickier than it sounds–particularly with respect to rhythm–and Cahill’s textural transparency and independence of the hands ensures that the music comes across with convincing fluency and naturalness…The engineering is as beautiful as is the playing. The only caution I can offer is that after hearing this music, you may never eat another salad without the guilty feeling that you could be sprinkling those croutons and bacon bits on the next Mozart.”-David Hurwitz,
Artistic Quality: 10 Sound Quality: 10

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